About Bed Wars

Bed Wars PC is the unblocked version of the free-to-play Minecraft-inspired game from Blockman Go. Originally, the game was launched on September 6, 2018, as a standalone multiplayer game. Moreover, the game is about defending their base, the Bed, and destroying other teams’ beds to remain the victor.

As weird as the combat mechanics may be, a lot of players and critics alike positively receive Bed Wars. As a result of the positive response of the multiplayer community, the game garnered millions of downloads across all platforms.


Bed Wars Game Battle


Now, you can play Bed Wars on your PC for free. Enjoy the same exciting multiplayer gameplay, including all the perks seen in other platforms, once you download this version today. Protect your bed, gather as many resources that the island produces like golds, irons, and diamonds, and destroy your enemies’ islands in this fun voxel game for PC.

For you to play the game on PC, there’s no need for you to download any third-party emulators. All you need is to download the game straight from this site. So if you want to experience this highly competitive game directly from your PC, click the “Play for Free” or “Download Now” button today.